Let Dickson stay in Sheffield

Dickson Chidiebere Anyanwu fled Nigeria in early 2011 following a brutal attack on his family home by Boko Haram,  burning his house to the ground with his parents still inside. Two brothers and two sisters were also killed in the attack. Dickson and his twin brother fled, only for Boko Haram to track them down. In a further attack his brother died.

Dickson arrived in the UK in March 2011 and formally claimed asylum in September 2012. His application was rejected, the Home Office suggesting he relocate within Nigeria.

Not only facing unimaginable emotional distress from the loss of his family, Dickson also suffers an acute walking difficulty stemming from early childhood, which has required a sequence of operations to correct. Despite being in constant pain, he has worked hard to obtain funding from a charity to study Electrical Engineering at a local college. He is excelling in his studies and has valuable skills to contribute if given leave to remain.

The danger for Dickson, if returned to Nigeria, is now even greater. He is a bisexual man and draconian new laws could land him in prison for many years if identified as such. His health problems mean he would be unlikely to survive imprisonment. In Nigeria he faces attacks and even death at the hands of Boko Haram and persecution by the authorities. Dickson only wishes to live his life openly without fear of persecution.

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