Keep Muhammad Bary safe in Sheffield

Muhammad is from Bangladesh, and got a Master’s Degree from the National University in that country. He began further studies but could not finish them because supporters of the Awami League made threats against him for his active support of what was then the governing party (BangladeshNationalist Party), which he joined while still at college. To complete his studies, he secured a student visa and moved to London, working part-time to pay College fees. Employers can vouch for him, as can the many friends he made in London. Before he finished his studies matters in Bangladesh became significantly worse. Family members at home were targeted because of their association with him. And he was targeted in this country by a distant relative, a man with considerable influence in Bangladesh and a strong supporter of the Awami League party. This man was subsequently convicted in a British court of putting Muhammad and his family in fear of violence, given a suspended prison sentence and made subject to a restraining order. Because of the dangers he faces
Muhammad, who married in 2010 and has a small son, applied for political asylum. His student visa was terminated, and he couldn’t complete his studies. His application was turned down, and later fresh claims were also dismissed. Muhammad wants to be allowed to remain here with his family, complete his studies, and continue contributing to his local community as he did when living in London. He is undertaking voluntary work in Sheffield, and is an active member of the local mosque.

Please download the petiton here

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