In the short time that Sheffield CDAS has existed, we’ve had many successful campaigns. Below are some of the people who have won the right to stay safe in Sheffield. Click each name to read about the case and learn that campaigning really can make a huge difference.

Claude N’Deh & Family

From the campaign petition: “A young family from Sheffield face deportation to Cameroon. The parents, Claude and Majolie N’Deh, face a repeat of the torture and imprisonment they have already suffered at the hands of the regime in Cameroon. The children are all under five and two of them have sickle cell anaemia. To return the family to Cameroon would place […] Read more

Annociate Nimpagaritse

Annociate is from the minority Tutsi ethnic group and was born in Bujumbura, the capital city.  She says that various family members were killed by Hutus in 1993. Annociate says that in 2004 a number of armed men, who she believes to have been from the FNL (Forces nationals de liberation), a Hutu rebel group, […] Read more

Alpha Mbodi & Family

“My two sons and I were delighted to get a letter from the UK Border Agency two weeks ago telling us that we have indefinite leave to remain in the UK. We would like to thank everybody who supported us by signing our petition or sending our model letter to the Home Secretary. Our special […] Read more

Victor and Madeleine Yogane and Family

Victor Hugo Yogane had a successful business in Cameroon selling music CDs and cassettes. He was arrested and tortured in 2006 when he sought a permit to sell a CD of political songs critical of the government. He fled the country leaving his daughter behind in the care of extended family members. He claimed asylum […] Read more

Keep Bernard Safe in Sheffield

Latest update: Bernard was released from detention and is currently awaiting a decision on his case from the Home Office. ———————————— Bernard was once again detained and the UKBA has set a removal date for Monday 16th July.  URGENT: Help stop the deportation (tomorrow Monday) of Bernad Mboueyeu. You can fax/phone/Email, Jean-Cyril Spinetta , CEO, […] Read more

Keep Tekeste Safe in Sheffield

cdas logo Please support Tekeste Gebrewold’s petition. He needs your support urgently. Download and return completed petitions to Holy Family Church as soon as possible.   Tekeste Gebrewold, whose father was killed as a member of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) in Ethiopia, tried to stop government supporters coming into his church, and was arrested for his […] Read more

Reza Yosefi

Reza Yosefi Great news- Reza has been released!   We have some great news! Reza was released on bail and arrived back in Sheffield yesterday evening! He was greeted just like a celebrity in the Sheffield train station and he was beaming from ear to ear with happiness! We are all very glad he is back home […] Read more

Lemlem Husein Abdu

cdas logo Lemlem Must Stay! Latest update Lemlem was released without conditions while Home Office considers her case for discretionary leave to stay in UK. She is now back in sheffield. —————————————————————————– NEW URGENT ACTION FOR LEMLEM: There is a real opportunity to stop the removal of Lemlem Abdu by letting Teresa May know what you think before the […] Read more

Justice Charles

Justice Charles was attacked by rebels whilst delivering food aid with the UN in his home country of Sierra Leone in 1999. Injuries sustained in these attacks have been confirmed in medical reports. Justice continued to be threatened by former rebels following the ending of the country’s ten-year civil war in 2001 and fled to […] Read more

Mildred Okpara & Family

Mildred Okpara fled Nigeria in 2005 with her two children, then aged three years and 5 months. While still a teenager she ran away from her home village to Akwa, the nearest city, because she refused to be subjected to the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation. In the town she met her partner who […] Read more

Emanuella & son Daryl

cdas logo Emanuella came to the UK in 2004 to claim asylum following horrific events relating to her political involvement in the Ivory Coast.  The Home Office and Appeals Judge did not believe Emanuella’s story and her asylum claim failed.  She had a period of homelessness and then in 2007 was able to submit a newspaper article […] Read more