Claude N’Deh & Family

From the campaign petition:

“A young family from Sheffield face deportation to Cameroon. The parents, Claude and Majolie N’Deh, face a repeat of the torture and imprisonment they have already suffered at the hands of the regime in Cameroon. The children are all under five and two of them have sickle cell anaemia. To return the family to Cameroon would place their lives in immediate jeopardy. The children would be at serious risk of malaria and they would not be able to get the medical treatment that the children need for their condition. Even if the children were able to access the treatment for their sickle cell disease this would not prevent them from contracting malaria and dying from this. “…Half of those with sickle cell anaemia (in Cameroon) have died by the age of five years usually from infections including malaria and pneumococcal sepsis and from the anaemia itself” (World Health Organisation, 24.04.2006)”

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