These are our current campaigns. We’d like as much support as possible to keep Sheffield as the home for these people, safe from persecution and violence. Click each name to read the individual case history and what you can do to help.

Please help Shakeel.

cdas logo Shakeel Ahmed is facing deportation from the UK and forced separation from his family and 3 young children..  He has been in the UK for 14 years and has indefinite leave to remain. But the Government say he is a threat to the country Shakeel has always worked , provided for his family and is […] Read more

Keep Muhammad Bary safe in Sheffield

cdas logo Muhammad is from Bangladesh, and got a Master’s Degree from the National University in that country. He began further studies but could not finish them because supporters of the Awami League made threats against him for his active support of what was then the governing party (BangladeshNationalist Party), which he joined while still at college. To complete his studies, he […] Read more

Keep Surjit and his family safe!

We the undersigned appeal to the Home Secretary on behalf of Sunita Davi and Surgit Singh a young married couple threatened with deportation to Afghanistan where they fear for their lives at the hands of Sunita’s family. They also fear persecution for their religions – Sikh and Hindi – in Afghanistan. They fell in love […] Read more

Help Sasan in his desperate plight

cdas logo I am writing to thank you for the support you have given Sasan Panbehchi and the expressions of concern you have shown him in his application to have his status changed from that of international to home student at the University of Sheffield.   Earlier this month the University met Sasan to tell him that […] Read more