Emanuella & son Daryl

Emanuella came to the UK in 2004 to claim asylum following horrific events relating to her political involvement in the Ivory Coast.  The Home Office and Appeals Judge did not believe Emanuella’s story and her asylum claim failed.  She had a period of homelessness and then in 2007 was able to submit a newspaper article which supported her situation.  The Home Office recently sent another refusal saying they believed this to be fabricated.

Emanuella has recently been able to obtain original death certificates for all her family members who were killed which corroborate her original story.  These can be checked on the register of deaths in the Town Hall of her Commune so their authenticity cannot be disputed.

Emanuella’s son, Daryl who is 3.5 years old and was born here, has ongoing medical complaints which are undiagnosed at present and for which he is undergoing further investigations.  They spent more than a year living with friends from CRB church after Daryl’s birth, establishing strong relationships with them and other members of the church and community.

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Emanuella and her son Daryl must stay

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